Location: Fresno, California
Scope: Designed and built control system for barrel sander mechanically designed and built by Veco Technologies

Project Summary: iCAD, was subcontracted by Veco Technologies to provide the controls on a barrel sander that they were developing for a client’s process. Our design included Allen Bradley PLCs and Kinetix servos.

There is never a one-size-fits-all scenario when you consider industrial and manufacturing processes. ICAD Automation specializes in custom projects that require creative engineering by expert talent. When Veco Technologies asked us to provide controls for a new barrel sander they were developing, our experienced team knew it would be challenging because of how specialized the design was going to need to be- but completely worth fulfilling this client’s request as well as saving them some time from extensive evaluations. Our end-to end expertise made sure we got everything just right so there weren’t any snags or problems during production. To meet your every need, from design to installation and beyond. From engineering talent for custom projects or installers with a wealth of experience delivering quality efficient solutions, ICAD Automation has you covered.

We pride ourselves on our ability to execute correctly and deliver quality engineering and electrical work on projects like this that often require custom solutions, creative engineering and industry experts to deliver. – Joel Ratto, General Manager, ICAD Automation