Location: Vandenberg Air Force Base, California
Scope: Designed and created a custom control system for mission-critical power plant

Summary: iCAD designed and delivered a control system for a power generation facility located at Vandenberg Air Force on California’s Central Coast. ICAD worked with multiple other subcontractors to ensure successful completion. The project included PLC programming, HMI programming, factor acceptance testing, ethernet switch panels, GPS remote panels and GE Digital solutions.

Mission-critical power plants offer significant challenges requiring significant engineering expertise to integrate all of the equipment into an organized system. This challenge became clear when ICAD engineers were tasked to create a custom control system for a military power plant. ICAD has a long history of complex projects, both large and small. ICAD Automation managed the full project and our expert engineers designed the control panels and supervised the integration and build-out. This required precision collaboration with partners and other on-site teams. Our teams managed each part of the build-out process to keep the project on time and under budget. Even though we have expert electrical expertise in our sister company, LIghthouse Electrical, this project involved local contractors. We sourced and supervised their work to ensure it met our high-quality standards as if the work was our own.

We pride ourselves on our ability to supervise large-scale government projects and deliver quality engineering and electrical work on projects like this that often require creative engineering and industry experts to deliver. – Joel Ratto, General Manager, ICAD Automation

With our team’s expertise in electrical and automation projects, we are able to take on any system that is sophisticated or unique like this project. We make sure any project runs smoothly from start-to-finish by providing a number of services including commissioning an installation as well as offer support after it has been commissioned. Our end-to-end expertise allows us to ensure every need is met on each and every project.