Location: Hattiesburg MS
Scope: Designed and built SCADA system to a solar panel manufacturing facility

Summary of Project: The client’s goal in this $2.5M project was to produce solar panels more efficiently while ensuring the safety of their employees and maintaining a clean work environment. One of the biggest challenges facing this facility is monitoring all processes in real-time while working with equipment that has different communication protocols. Our company was tasked to design and build a SCADA system for this facility, connecting over 100 PLCs from various manufacturers into one central interface.

iCAD designed and built a SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) system to coordinate over 100 varied machine PLC’s — each controlling a separate machine that performs a specific task — to facilitate automatic start/stop of each tool, remote announcement of alarms, and historization of individual operating parameters and alarms — all from a single location. To accomplish this, we installed software, configured the server and client applications. This 2-year project utilized the Wonderware platform and resulted in more efficient and 360 degrees visibility of the end-to-end solar panel manufacturing process.

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