As our communities grow and new housing developments emerge, it is crucial to consider the water supply infrastructure. Recently, our team worked with a water district in Fresno County, California, to address water supply challenges for a new housing development. Leveraging advanced control systems and instrumentation, we met immediate demands and ensured long-term sustainability.

The new and growing housing development required a dedicated well site to supply water efficiently. In this project, our goal was to provide a reliable water source for residents that would support their daily needs. With the establishment of a new well, our aim was to reduce the load on existing wells. This proactive approach prevents overuse and ensures the longevity of the water supply. In the design, we also accounted for future maintenance requirements. Additionally, easy access to critical components was essential for efficient upkeep.


A focused and collaborative approach was implemented to ensure a smooth and seamless process for our customer.

Motor Control Center (MCC) Design:
  • ICAD meticulously designed the MCC with an integrated control section.
  • The controls were closely aligned with the existing system, incorporating updated hardware for customer convenience during maintenance.
  • Notable features included an “ATS” (Automatic Transfer Switch) and an external generator tap box.
Collaboration with Lighthouse Electrical:
  • ICAD worked closely with Lighthouse Electrical to establish cable and conduit connections to the well site.
  • This collaboration streamlined installation and ensured efficient power and control distribution.
Reprogramming for Adaptability:
  • Mechanical & supply changes in the process necessitated reprogramming.
  • Our expertise allowed us to adapt the well site controls effectively, ensuring optimal water delivery to both the domestic and agricultural community.
Quality Control & Commissioning:
  • Rigorous field quality control and commissioning procedures were implemented.
  • This commitment to excellence guaranteed project success, meeting performance standards and customer expectations.

To successfully execute the project, the following technology and instrumentation were implemented:

  • PLC (Compact Logix): The programmable logic controller efficiently manages motor control and system operations.
  • HMI (PanelView Plus): The human-machine interface simplifies monitoring and control, enhancing operator efficiency.
  • Well Level Transmitter: Monitors water levels in real time, enabling efficient well management.
  • High-Pressure Shutoff Switch: Ensures safe operation by preventing excessive pressure.
  • Pressure Transmitter: Provides accurate pressure readings for system optimization.
  • Chlorine Analyzer and Level Transmitter: Essential for water quality monitoring and treatment.
  • 12” Mag Flowmeter: Measures water flow rates accurately.


The successful completion of this project means that residents in the new housing development can rely on a consistent water source, enhancing their daily lives and promoting the well-being of the community. The new well site also reduces the dependency on existing wells, preventing the overuse and potential strain on the water supply network. Lastly, the design includes provisions for easy maintenance, allowing efficient access to critical components.

By successfully executing this project, we not only met the immediate water supply needs but also contributed to the long-term sustainability of the community. Our collaborative approach, technical expertise, and commitment to quality ensure a win-win situation for the customer.

After all, enhancing water supply infrastructure is much more than just pipes and pumps – it is about creating sustainable communities that integrate water management into new and existing community developments.


If you need help with your water management infrastructure, give us a call or send us a message. We look forward to helping you with your specific needs.