Industrial Automation and Control Solutions





It’s our name. It’s our passion. It’s what we do.

ICAD is a recognized leader in the modern industrial automation industry.
We are proud to provide our clients throughout the United States with better, more efficient processes that reduce variability and increase profitability.

Margins in many industries are slim, so your production facility must operate at peak efficiency to ensure that your business remains healthy. At ICAD, we never lose sight of the fact that in constructing custom-engineered automation solutions, we are helping our clients remain competitive in an ever-changing world.

We work on projects both small and large, because even small projects can have a massive impact on your bottom line. We are as happy to help you with the building of a new manufacturing plant as we are to perform a legacy controls modernization for a single part of your factory.

ICAD is a full service industrial automation integrator, and provides services from the very beginnings of the planning stage through the build and beyond.